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About Ron Lee's Sculptures

Known throughout the world of collectibles, Ron has created the largest collection of clown and animation figurines, The Ron Lee Collection has no equal! 

From his California Studio, Ron works diligently to create an unprecedented array of exciting sculptures that have found their way into the homes of the most discerning of collectors, around the world. Ron is constantly creating new characters, sculpting the originals in clay, to be preserved in a variety of casting materials. Each sculpture is so unique, as they are all hand painted with a variety of the newest and most exciting colors and finishes. Many of Ron Lee sculptures have brilliant gold or chrome accents.  Ron's imaginative and whimsical, limited edition sculptures, are created and produced from his Studio in Burbank,California. They truly are "Born in the U.S.A."!

 More Ron Lee Sculptures:

 Ron Lee has also designed and created, for many well known Animation Companies, It all started in 1990 when he created his first Mickey Mouse, for Disney. Ron created and manufactured, product that has sold worldwide. Disney, Pixar, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Hanna-Barbara, Universal, King Features, MGM/Turner, and Master Foods, (M&M Characters), were included in the product characters he produced. As well as Ron’s own Original Clown Sculptures, he held the license, designed and manufactured, Emmett Kelly Sr., Emmett Kelly Jr., Jerry Lewis, and  Ringling Bros. Clown Characters.

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