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Ron's New - "Beyond Collections"

beyond collection by Ron Lee

An Adventure in Art by Ron Lee

Ron Lee's Beyond collectible sculpturesThis is a new collection of Clowns, goes beyond clowns. "This is unlike any other collection I have ever created." A cross between Fantasy, Reality, and Theater. These are not your typical circus clowns, as these characters will be dressed in highly unusual costumes. Each will be in a different pose and painted with highly unusual colors and finishes not usually found on figurines. Each figure will stand alone, although they will have their own separate stylized base. Each base will be a different shape and have its own coloring with the same type of finishes as the figurines. This is an extraordinary collection. They are going to be very limited in production, world wide, so you will want to order yours as soon as they become available.


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Standard Price Guide:   $32.50

Download Price Guide:   $15.00

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