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About Emmett Kelly Jr.

Emmett Kelly Jr collections

Emmett Kelly with ballons

Emmett Kelly, Jr.

The World's Most Famous Clown

I am absolutely thrilled and excited to present the"Emmett Kelly, Jr. Collection."Emmett answered the call of the"Circus"and"Clowning"at the age of 37 when he debuted at the 1960 Circus Festival in Indiana. Today, he is the World's Most Famous Hobo Clown and I now have the opportunity of bringing all of my 25 plus years of creative experience to this sensitive and lovable character that millions have come to adore. As"Artist Ron Lee,"I have been extremely inspired by this opportunity to bring my style of work to the Emmett Kelly, Jr. character. I am very proud of these sculptures and, for me, in mind and heart, I feel that I am producing some of the finest work of my career! Collectors have commented..."this is the most realistic rendition of Emmett Kelly, Jr. I've ever seen. He looks as if he could walk right off of the onyx base!" This collection, which I expect to continue for many years, will be intensely realistic and creatively unique! I promise that!


The"Emmett Kelly, Jr. Gold Collection", consists of sculptures with EXTREMELY LOW EDITIONS OF ONLY 550 EACH. This ongoing collection began in 2002, with selections added each year. These sculptures may be purchased either individually, or as a"Matched Numbered Set", while supplies last. "Emmett Kelly, Jr. Gold Collectors, who would like to purchase each sculpture as it is offered, will receive the same edition number for each, thereby creating a"Matched Numbered Set."Should you decide at any time that you are unable to continue with the Reserved Numbered Matched Series program, you are under no obligation. Your number will be reassigned to another collector and you may choose to purchase selected sculptures from the Numbered Open Stock, if still available.
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In addition to this"Gold Collection", there will be additional sculptures released as"The Emmett Kelly, Jr. Timeless Collection."These will be sculptures with larger editions of 1500 each. They may be purchased individually, however, EMMETT KELLY, JR. GOLD COLLECTORS MAY REQUEST THEIR SAME EDITION NUMBER WHEN PURCHASING SCULPTURES FROM THIS TIMELESS COLLECTION!!! RON LEE COLLECTOR'S CLUB MEMBERS will receive their Club Member discount. The Emmett Kelly, Jr. Figure measures 5.75"Tall and will remain consistent within the"Gold Collection."He is cast in fine white metal, beautifully Hand-Painted, and mounted on an onyx base. And Remember, this is all done right here in our Henderson Nevada Studios inThe Good Ole U.S.A.!
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I'm sure that you must"Sense"my great enthusiasm for this fabulous project! I sincerely hope that my sculptures of Emmett Kelly, Jr. will bring you the same great joy that I have received in creating them for you!

Thank You!
Ron Lee


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